Matheo back sports with Kamel
– Say Matheo? Is it when Ramadan?
– I think it’s next week, but I’m not very sure!
“How do you know?”
– Yoan confirms the dates.
– Yoan? But he is a Jew!
– Yes, but he is more practicing than I am. And then I’m pretty familiar with his holidays too. You can see that the two of us are making an average. You even criticize it, but you do not know the dates.
– No, it’s true, to find out I’m going to our Muslim butcher. I “bite” a calendar where everything is indicated!
“With all due respect to the butchers, why do not you go to the mosque?”
– The mosque? But I never kicked my feet!
– Note … me neither!
“How long will you hold this year?”
– Like all the others, the maximum.
– That is to say? One or two weeks? (laughter)
– Stop! I can not help it if Ramadan is so long. I can not do it, I can not!
– Do not get angry, I do not think it’s a contest anyway!
– Happy to hear you say. And you? You “resist” how long?
– Ho me it is more serious … my whole family does …
– You’re monitored? No luck!
– (sigh) Yeah … Well I mean no … no bowl! I try to organize myself to be sick.
– It’s not good! You have to be honest with your family.
– But I can not help it if I have ….
– What?
– Of hunger!
– (Laughter) Fortunately all Muslims are not like us. We form a beautiful team of baltringues!

Dad, I want to talk to you about something …
Matheo’s father raises his arms and shouts to his wife
– Saida! Come quickly … Matheo is getting married!
Big crash of plates in the kitchen. Matheo’s mother hurries and lack of drag but barely catches up and rushes to her offspring, shouting
– “Ya ouildi” (my son) …
It hits the chest … and starts crying … continues:
– I am so happy … so happy … if transported happiness … .. if
– okay, okay I think we all understood Saida! Let my son talk!
– Why is it always your son when there are good things in life and as soon as he makes mistakes, he becomes my son again?
– Stop, you do not see that you prevent him from speaking, we still do not know with whom he is going to marry.
“I know her at least?” She likes couscous? Is she Muslim?
– Why Saida? You’re going to stop her from coming to see us before she shows up?
– Not at all, but I will not buy “halouf” (pork) to please him anyway? I have my honor!
– There is nothing wrong with eating “halouf”, there are lots of good people who eat it! Do not be so (he takes the time to pronounce each syllable) ex … ce..ssi … ve!
… Sa├»da, obviously not well understood, turns back to Matheo with a thoughtful air.
– You see Matheo, in life you must know a few learned words that your wife does not understand … it will offer you between 10 and 30 seconds of respite!
– Sidon Say immediately that I am uncultivated …
– Matheo: Mom, they say uncultivated uncultivated .. not!
– In any case, I ignorant, I managed to make a scientist like you!
– Stop Matheo, she will get excited and we will not understand any more of what she tells. Is that what you want ? Your disabled mother … (he turns to his wife) the .. xi … ca .. the?
… Twenty seconds of silence …
– Saida: Your stories have given me hungry .. Matheo, tell me when I have to prepare a couscous because I go to the butcher and ask him to deflower a sheep for the opportunity.
Great general laughter.
Matheo: Cut up the sheep … not deputize!