Volunteer Adventure Corps – KATz in Tanzania

KATz stands for Karibu (meaning welcome in Swahili) Africa Tanzania. Volunteer Adventure Corps – KATz in Tanzania is an International volunteer business that provides a direct link between volunteers and the Tanzanian community. Every year thousands of lives are impacted by volunteering, and lifelong friendships are formed and many dreams are realized. Let’s look a little closer at the people who make this a reality!

KATz offers a unique service with volunteer placements that are safe, affordable and flexible in their structure so they can be tailored to suit individual needs. We take pride in being able to offer personal service where you will get to know us, well before seeing our faces at the airport on your arrival. Since we are based in Tanzania, where you need us most, we are able to offer some of the most competitive prices on the market today and ensure your every dollar is spent in Tanzania, where it too is needed most!

Volunteer placements are offered throughout Arusha and it’s surrounding areas. Available placements include; teaching (nursery, primary or secondary school), carer positions within orphanages and assisting/teaching women at various women’s projects. Accommodation is included and can be either a homestay with a local Tanzanian family or in a volunteer guesthouse, depending on preference and availability.

KATz offers specially tailored Safaris, Kilimanjaro Treks and Culture tours for our volunteers and friends through partner company KATz Safaris, Treks & Tours. The KATz safari team is dedicated to making every wildlife Adventure an unforgettable ride that will leave clients finding any excuse to talk about their experience.

The organization’s main driver, Joshua, has over 20 years experience behind the wheel and knows how to navigate the parks to maximize game viewing while chef Maulidi cooks up a storm back at the campsite. We use Vango’s finest camping equipment to make sure every camping experience comfortable. Nothing is more naturally appetizing than a night under the stars in the African Wilderness.

Buckle up for the Ride of your life on a KATz safari. The KATz Kilimanjaro teams are made up of qualified and highly experienced mountaineers who will help you realize your dream of reaching the peak of Africa. Leaving no stone unturned, KATz provides a variety of Tours from hunting with the Hadzabe tribe to picnic lunches by the hot springs. This gives you the ultimate opportunity for some reflections on the world around you.

It is KATz mission is to provide a safe and affordable volunteering experience that is tailored to meet each individual’s needs, in combination with comprehensive and personalized travel planning and the friendliest personal service from the first contact through to completion. We provide the opportunity for volunteers to contribute to the lives of others in a meaningful way, learn and grow by challenging themselves and incidentally gain an extraordinary and unforgettable life experience.

KATz is hoping to expand its team and provide many more local employment opportunities in Tanzania. The organization’s long-term vision for the future is to register KATz Malaika Mdogo as an NGO (Non-Government Organisation) and through direct funding support communities in rural areas which have limited access to child development resources and mental health services. With every safari, trek, tour and volunteer opportunity, KATz gets one step closer to realizing these goals.